In the following you can see some power supplies of different types, which are developed by engineers at Innosystem AG according to customer specifications and are manufactured in series.

Current source MC2
Current source MC2Input: 115/230Vac
Output: 0-5Vdc 10-200A

The MC2 is part of a measuring device which can measure contact resistances in the µΩ range.

High currents in combination with high control accuracy.

Pulsed supply SPE R2

Pulsed supply SPE R2Input: 3Ph 170…440Vac
Output: 1: 17/34Vdc 65/130A / 2: 24Vdc 10A

The SPE R2 is used in a Jacquard weaving machine.
Thanks to the unique pulse technique, these weaving machines are among the fastest.

Fast recurring load changes under high load.

Voltage source CS50V

Voltage source CS50VInput: 90-265Vac
Output: 1: 50Vdc 6A / 2: 24Vdc 3A / 3: 5Vdc 5A

The CS50V is used in a cable convection machine.

The first series left our factory more than 20 years ago and although the customer's machines went through various redesigns, he has always chosen our solution.

Consistently high quality over a long time.